What is the best gcse to take?

We know you're probably still wondering, “Is GCSE history difficult versus geography? Well, geography tends to be seen as an “easy GCSE. But if we compare some statistics, they are almost the same. The subject covers a variety of topics, from physical geography (for example, climate or rivers) to human geography (for example, when it comes to exam time), as you would expect with geography, it is simple and focuses on the facts and what you have learned in class. This makes it less subjective as a topic and makes the path to success clear and unequivocal.

Students generally consider Religious Studies to be simple and the curriculum is brief. It covers the basic religious beliefs of popular religions and also addresses philosophical aspects and questions, as well as religion in society. Media studies have long been cited as one of the most interesting topics. By nature, it is full of interesting debates and discussions.

In addition, in our heavily media-driven times, most students find it very relevant and easy to analyze. Some independent schools in the UK offer IGCSE as an alternative to following the GCSE for international IGCSE subjects. If you're interested in one of these GCSE subjects, then it's great because learning subjects is always easier if you're motivated to study. If you are 100 percent (or even 90 percent) sure of your career path and need to go to college or higher education for it, you should always choose GCSE subjects that are prerequisites.

To determine whether IGCSE is more difficult than GCSE or vice versa, it is worth explaining any differences first. We know you came here looking for the easiest GCSE subjects, but this list highlights some important factors. The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is similar to the GCSE and is recognized in the United Kingdom as equivalent. If you are looking for the easiest GCSE subjects to take, let's see what is the general consensus of the students who have taken them.

With that, let's see how to choose the best GCSE subjects that are easy (enough) and rewarding. After all, GCSEs are not meant to be a walk in the park, so it will take a little effort to get it right in any of the subjects. While the choice of difficult or easy GCSE subjects should depend on each student and their skills and interests, there are some common favorites. The most difficult subject of GCSE was decided as Additional Mathematics by student consensus on The British Exams site.

You may want to avoid the more difficult GCSE subjects if you are not academically inclined and do not need those subjects to continue your education.