Can you do GCSE math in college?

Most university courses consist of content that requires basic mathematical skills and English grammar to learn. Students who lack GCSE in English and Math, or two A-levels in grade E, would not qualify for a student loan in England, under the new plans. Each course provides students with a broad understanding of the topics and equips them with the skills they will need to earn GCSE equivalents. However, analysis by the University and College Application Service suggests that about 10% of college applicants do not have English and Math passes when they leave school.

Some students may find themselves in a situation where they are in college, but they still need to retake some of their GCSEs, particularly their mathematics GCSEs. In addition to contacting your university to retake your gcse math, you can also request to retake your exams independently. Colleges often specify the minimum qualifications they expect in mathematics and English from GCSE along with requirements for more advanced qualifications, such as A Levels. To earn your GCSE Grade C equivalent, you will need to successfully complete a Level 2 functional skills course.

Functional skills are an excellent qualification for those looking to earn the equivalent of a GCSE C degree in English, mathematics or ICT, the three most common subjects required to enter university. If you want to learn more about how you can retake GCSE Maths in college, keep reading. Students can do their math GCSE from Year 8 or Year 9, depending on how prepared they feel. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to retake your GCSE in Mathematics at university, your first step is to let your university know.

In short, you can retake your Math GCSE while you're in college, but it wouldn't be part of the university curriculum. Many college courses require you to have earned at least a C in English, Math, and Science, so not getting proper grades can be problematic.