What Grade Does 69% Represent in GCSEs?

So, a score of 70 would equate to a Grade 6, while 69 would be a Grade 5.The consultation gathered more than 6,000 responses, with almost a quarter of students, and showed that more than 90 percent of students and parents were in favor of giving advance information about the approach to exams next summer to support students with review, and about 80 percent or more agreed with offer topic options in some GCSE subjects. The GCSE exams will be held in May and June, as usual, and the examining boards have already published their summer final exam schedules. A student's Achievement 8 score gives a broad view of all subjects and all students. It is calculated by taking the average of their best 8 GCSE results.

Obviously, they could achieve more than 8 GCSEs and school averages may be higher in some subjects and lower in others, but Achievement 8 gives you a broad view of all subjects and all students. The results of the GCSE English language are similar to those in mathematics, and one factor in this could be that each student has to take math and English, while the student chooses other subjects. GCSE score limits tell us how many gross grades a student must achieve to receive a given grade. GCSE grade limits are now only released to students on the day of results, whereas they were previously published in advance.